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This resource list is organized by the MUGSS competencies needed to be a competitive graduate school applicant, specifically for Industrial/Organizational Psychology programs. The resources listed below have been endorsed by MUGSS mentors.

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General Information About Applying to Graduate School

Determining Criteria to Select Graduate Programs

Preparing for the GRE

Writing Your Personal Statement

Obtaining Letters of Recommendation

Communicating Effectively and Professionally with Faculty

Resume & CV Writing

Program-Specific Information:

I/O Psychology

General information about applying to graduate school

The psychology undergraduate advisors provide a lot of assistance in the grad school application process:

Determining criteria to select graduate programs

Deciding between a Masters and a Ph.D.

Comparing Masters and Ph.D. programs

Developing personalized selection criteria

Preparing for the GRE

Study strategies & materials

Various classes offered for GRE prep

Registering to take the GRE

Gaining research experience

Research at Colorado State University

Writing your personal statement

CSU's Writing Center

Purdue OWL

Obtaining letters of recommendation

How to get a recommendation letter (Kuther)

Communicating effectively and professionally with faculty

Builing relationships with professors

Interviewing skills

Written communication

Resume & CV writing

Career Center

Writing Center

General information about I/O psychology

Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

American Psychological Association (APA)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Information about CSU's industrial/organizational concentration for psychology students can be found here.

Advice from SIOP on applying to I/O psychology programs here.

  • How to Choose a Graduate Training Program.

  • Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology Graduate School Rankings: A Guide for I-O Graduate School Applicants.

  • Sortable rankings of I/O graduate programs (from NeoAcademic).

    Masters in I/O

    Ph.D. in I/O

    I/O program rankings

    **Note: a number of the below references may be out of date. Therefore, keep in mind that these rankings may not reflect the current standings of the various programs listed.

    **Note: consider the specific criteria used to determine these rankings, which may contribute to the short nature of this list.

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