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What is MUGSS?

MUGSS stands for "Mentoring Undergrads to Graduate School Success."

Mission Statement

To provide ongoing support to CSU undergraduate psychology majors as they navigate the graduate school application process. MUGSS mentors will accomplish this goal by providing one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and connecting undergrads to useful resources.

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Program Overview

MUGSS has been connecting current CSU psychology graduate students with undergraduates who aspire to attend psychology graduate programs since the fall of 2013. Our MUGSS mentors represent all psychology graduate programs here at CSU. In addition to this invaluable one-on-one support, MUGSS mentees can also attend a variety of workshops which will cover the basics of the graduate school application process. Workshop topics may include:

Workshops will be made available to all CSU undergraduate students, not just MUGSS mentees.

Becoming a Mentee

Interested in being a MUGSS mentee?

Click here to fill out the survey required to apply to become a MUGSS mentee. At the present time, we are still accepting MUGSS mentee applications until further notice.

Stay informed about this and future MUGSS events by joining our MUGSS list serve:

How to join the MUGSS list serve:

  1. Go to
  2. Select MUGSS_LIST from the "List" drop-down menu under "Subscribe to a Non-Course Mailing List"
  3. Enter your name and email address and hit submit


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