What is MUGSS?

Our Mission

The mission of MUGSS is to provide undergraduate students with post-graduation planning advice, opportunities, and resources for  developing the skills needed to achieve admissions into graduate school.

MUGSS is a graduate student-run organization housed within the psychology department that works to provide undergraduate students with experienced mentors. Mentors are current graduate students in psychology who are committed to providing ongoing support to students regarding the graduate school application process, especially for those interested in graduate programs in psychology. As an organization, we are dedicated to helping students achieve admission to graduate school and at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

What kind of support is provided?

MUGSS offers one-on-one mentoring and several workshops over the course of the semester. Topics that are typically discussed with mentors include, but are not limited to: whether graduate school is the right path, how to best prepare for the GRE, and who to ask for letters of recommendation. Workshops vary from year to year, but topics range from an overview of the graduate application process to personal statement writing workshops in which students are able to obtain feedback on drafts from both peers and mentors. To receive the best mentorship, students are highly encouraged to apply to MUGSS during Junior year of their undergraduate career. Mentees can, and should, discuss their educational and career goals with their mentors early in the mentorship process to receive the most effective support and guidance. The mentorship relationship is a shared responsibility between the mentee and mentor.

What is the MUGSS application Process?

Applying for MUGSS is quick and easy! Visit the Apply to be a Mentee tab for more information and access to the application.

(Last updated 7.08.2021)

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